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“It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn't feel like a giant. I felt very, very small.” – Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

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Saturday, July 22, 2006


And now, a Fresh Brainz exclusive! I bring to you, dear readers, my first Chinese blog entry! The language may be different, but I insist on maintaining the same fluffy, Fresh Brainz style of prose even for this article. Quality control is very important.

今天让我们来关注一下"博客"这个词。当然,博客是直接从英文的 Blog 以发音翻译过来的,本身没有中文意义, 不过这个用法非常流行, 或许是因为它比输入"网上日记"来得方便吧。但,词内的"客"字可能会产生某些误解。"博客"指的到底是网站还是人?严格说应该是指网站,不过媒体也常用它来形容博客的作者。用"博客主"会比较正确, 但听起来又显得有点别扭-都有个"客"了, 何必多来一个"主"?

在台湾比较普遍的翻译"部落格"虽然长了些, 倒比较明确。"部落格主"啊"部落格主"。说上口了, 听起来象 Blogger Zoo, 还准确地形容博客圈里的实际状况。打个比方,我这个禽兽就是个很好的例子!哈!


"哎呀!我们家乖儿子刚从同学们那里学会了怎么当那个,那个什么'博客'! 那群损友也太没教养了, 年纪轻轻学人家赌博。该怎么办才好呢?心酸啊!"

提起赌博自己倒觉得有点痒。该是到云顶高原去博一博的时候了。真想念那一排排一望无际的老虎机, 吃钱的时候不吭声,赢钱的时候却"叮叮当当"地响。这可是"鼓励"你继续给它喂钱的有效策略。富有催眠性的音响效果-那是多么迷人啊!

唉, 不跟你多说了,让我先去把床底下的银角通通扫出来。

No, I will not provide an English translation for this.

Go Babelfish it yourself, lazy ass.


AH said...


Today let us look at the "Boke" this term. Of course, Boke directly from the Blog to English pronunciation translated itself no meaning in Chinese, but this usage is very popular, perhaps because it than imported "online diary" more convenient now. However, the word "passenger" characters may have some misunderstandings. "Boke" means what is the website or person? Strictly speaking should refer to the website, but also used it to describe the media Boke author. Use "Boke owners" would be more correct, but it sounds a bit further argue twisting - had "clients", so more of a "main"? Taiwan is relatively common in the translation of "tribal Georgia" Although long more do clearer. "The tribal Georgia" Oh "tribal Georgia owners." That easy to read aloud, sound like Blogger Zoo, but also accurately describe the actual situation Boke circle. To strike an analogy, my animals is a good example! Ha! Moreover, the it has to do not have to clip Asao statement, "Boke" This sounds like the people in it are often to gambling. "Oh! Just returned from our home Guaierzi students when they learned that there, that what 'Boke'! Group at the expense of too much not correctional, and other gambling age lightly. How do go about that? Sad! "brought down a bit of their gambling itch. This is the cloud top of the plateau to try its luck. Row after row of the tiger away really miss that plane, the time will not say anything to eat money, but when Yingqian "Eureka" to ring for. But this "encourage" you to continue to feed the money it effective strategy. The acoustics of a hypnosis - which is how charming! Alas, not like you say, I went to bed for the silver Kok getting swept out.

Right, that clears that up then :/

Xisla said...

Thanks for your effort! Though much has been lost in translation...;D

ah said...

I like the bit about the 'silver kok'...

Oo er missus

Xisla said...

Funny how a humble coin can transform into a sexual implement...

Still, it is consistent with the spirit of Fresh Brainz.


Along said...


老兄多年没有提笔写中文,要下笔想来有相当难度。托中文输入网站的福,一篇生动有趣又能准确表达老兄意思的文章轻轻松松地诞生了。更难能可贵的是同时也保持了Fresh Brainz的嬉笑风格,Keep Going!

Xisla said...