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“It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn't feel like a giant. I felt very, very small.” – Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Evil Twin?

My friend just found a photo of popular Hong Kong balladeer William So (Su Yong Kang) and thinks that I look like him. I am flattered of course, but I don't really see the resemblance.

See for yourself...

Just the hair and spectacles, perhaps. Actually I've always wanted to be an evil clone of someone. Clones are always evil, and if you have been paying attention to any Hollywood blockbuster lately, evil = cool. So far I have been unable to find a number genetically imprinted on my body, like Ripley in Aliens 4. Does that mean that I'm the "horriginal" (horrible + original) template? What a bummer.


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