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“It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn't feel like a giant. I felt very, very small.” – Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Holiday @ Genting.
Day Three - Homeward Bound

I find it funny that the first time I play slots, I always win. When I try to play more to increase my earnings, I always lose. Bah.

After losing a grand total of RM10.90 (S$4.68) to the slot machines, it's time to head on home.

What, you expected me to lose my entire fortune there? You think too highly of me!

Anyway I got on the return coach and we began descending the mountain. I took this picture in the direction of Kuala Lumpur, but it was obscured by thick blue haze.

When we reached the foot of the mountain I turned around to take this photo of Genting. A photo possible only because of my trusty 3X optical zoom! (I'm hoping that Sony advertisers will read this blog someday.)

And I apologize for it's lack of sharpness. There is a limit to how steady you can hold a camera when twisting your neck backwards on a moving bus.

Next, it was time to sit back, relax and take a sip of water - whoa! I suddenly noticed that my nearly empty water bottle has collapsed.

When I last capped it, it was at 6000 feet. Containing air at 6000 feet. Now that we're at sea level, the higher air pressure outside has squashed the bottle.

An inadvertent demonstration of physics!

As we sped along the highway, I saw this cloud stuck to a mountain in Johor. I am always fascinated at how some mountains seem to "grow" clouds on them.

This photo looks like it was taken deep in the jungle on a tripod huh? Actually it was taken from the side window of a bus zooming past at 110 km/h.

After a few hours on the road - rest stop! Here is a familiar sight for travellers who stop at Yong Peng, the fish fountain. As you can see from the photo, evening is fast approaching.

We stopped at the older cafeteria in Yong Peng this time. I mentioned in an earlier blog entry that Yong Peng gives me a nice relieved feeling when I'm on my way home.

Partly because this rest stop has public toilets.

Also because it is only a few hours away from Singapore.

Finally at 9-ish pm, I arrived back at the Golden Mile Complex.


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