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“It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn't feel like a giant. I felt very, very small.” – Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

VivoCity Photo Gallery

The biggest shopping mall in Singapore, VivoCity, held a photo competition in June.

Photographers have to highlight unique aspects of its architecture, or capture the emotions and energy of the people who come to the mall to shop and play.

Oooh the combination of photography and shopping - it's almost intoxicating! (Just add chocolate and I'm drunk).

How can I let this opportunity pass? How can!??!

So I submitted a selection of my best photos.

This is a very popular competition - almost 1600 photos were submitted ...

... and two of my photos were selected for the semi-finals!


Who would've guessed?

A total of 60 photos entered the semi-finals, 20 each in three categories: professional, amateur and student. I'm in the student category, of course. Shortlisted entries are displayed at Level 1, near the main entrance, from 13 - 21 July 2007.

This is the first time that my photographs have been displayed in public as physical prints.

Boy am I excited! Let's take a quick walk through the exhibition.

Here is the panel of photos from the professional category. You immediately know that you are looking at professional photos because of the high quality of these prints. Photos are tack sharp, accurately exposed and very carefully composed.

Some of the photographs are taken from very obvious angles that any casual shooter can pick, for example the VivoCity facade. However the execution is impeccable; you can almost see the years of technique building that goes into each photo.

In contrast, photos from the amateur and student (above) categories have less consistent quality, with prints that range from not-so-sharp to those that looked over-processed.

What they lack in quality, they make up in unique angles and occasionally a quirky sense of humour. When looking through these photos I sense unpolished creativity and a spirit of adventure.

Me likes!

Which is why I'm so proud of this photo that shows two blokes chatting under a huge, arch-shaped shelter. I noticed this angle months ago, and I'm still amazed that no one else saw it.

Even if I don't win anything, my monumental contribution to VivoCity will be this shooting angle - guaranteed to be a hit amongst wedding photographers.


I don't think my other photo, which is a straightforward shot of the "collagen triple helix" is any special.

However, while chatting with two people there, they told me that they prefer this photo. I guess it looks more like abstract art with its weird curves and colours.

They thought that I digitally processed the colours, but I didn't - all I did was reduce its brightness.

When in doubt... under-expose!

Now that we've taken a look at the two accepted entries, Fresh Brainz is happy to bring you: the OTHER photos I didn't submit.

Those photos stuck in limbo between "not bad" and "fairly OK" that I deemed not spectacular enough (or too quirky) for the competition.

Now that I see them again, they are really not bad.


Blue curve

Overlooking Sentosa

Snowman and the Moon

Lines & curves

One blue tile

Green & silver

Fire, water & glass

Silhouette of a tree

If you are free sometime this week, why not pop over to VivoCity and take a look at the exhibition? You can predict the winners by SMS and stand a chance to win an Olympus camera for yourself.


Would you like to know more?

Viva la VivoCity
Photo Gallery One
Photo Gallery Two


jo said...

congratulations! how exciting do let us know how it turns out eh... :) enjoy the rest of the weekend!

The Bimbo said...

Congrats!!! :)

Lim Leng Hiong said...

Hi Jo and d bImBo,

Wow you guys are so nice! Thanks for the encouragement - I'll definitely keep you posted if I actually win anything.

Have a great week ahead!

Andoryu said...

Great stuff. I hope that it all continues to go well for your photography. I've enjoyed your blog for quite a bit and am happy to link to it. cheers.

Lim Leng Hiong said...

Hi Andoryu,

Welcome to Fresh Brainz! Thanks for your encouragement and the link.


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.