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“It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn't feel like a giant. I felt very, very small.” – Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Stripper, Blogebrity or Systems Engineer?

This woman is now the hottest blogger in Hong Kong.

Her blog is read by over 100,000 people a day.

And she hasn't even updated it since January.

Of course you are asking: WHY?!!

She is Louis Vuitton Yumiko, who also goes by Coco (because she looks like popstar Coco Lee) - a buxomly 20-year-old nightclub hostess involved in a sex scandal three weeks ago.

Her real name is Liu Yao. She used to work in a karaoke club called "Must Kara" at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, where she would don wigs and perform striptease dances for wealthy clients.

Then on the 5th of July, an embarrassing accident happened.

Chu Pui-Hing, Director of Broadcasting at Radio Television Hong Kong, visited the Must Kara club with his friends.

He is married with two kids.

At the club, Mr. Chu was so enamored of Coco that he

... repeated praisedly (sic) her beauty and kept his hands on her breast.

He paid thousands of dollars for Coco to perform an exotic dance with her brunette wig.

Impressed, he then paid thousands more to take her out.

As they were walking towards Coco's apartment, the media chief was suddenly spotted by a group of reporters who were covering Kenny Bee's concert nearby.

The photographers went into immediate action.

And this is the result.

Mr. Chu ducked for cover behind Coco, still hanging on to her wig. Meanwhile Coco appeared pleasantly surprised in all the photos, probably because she had no idea who Mr. Chu was.

He later ran away and hid in the toilet of a restaurant.

But it was too late.

He had been recognized and his photos splashed all over the tabloids.

Because of the media fallout from this debacle, Mr. Chu resigned from his post, ten months ahead of his planned retirement.

His career was over.

Coco, on the other hand, immediately shot to fame. Her blog, which includes some photos of her wearing tantalizingly little, is swarmed by a few hundred thousand readers within days.

She is currently lying low in her hometown of Sichuan, China to avoid unwanted attention. But she still hopes to return to Hong Kong and become a top Mama-san someday.

You are thinking: "Now just wait a minute... Why are you featuring this piece of schadenfreude trash news? Is it merely because Coco is now the top blogger in Hong Kong?"

Not quite.

Fresh Brainz is featuring Coco the stripper/blogebrity extraordinaire because of what she wrote in her blog:

任何一种选择都不可能结局完美,就比如选择了典雅的高根鞋便放弃了舒适的平底鞋. 当香烟爱上火柴..就注定被它伤害..点的是烟..伤的是心!



Oops, I forgot that 99% of Fresh Brainz readers don't read Chinese, so here is my (not very arty) translation:

There isn't any one choice that gives a perfect outcome, for instance by choosing elegant high heel shoes one has to give up comfortable flat shoes. When a cigarette falls in love with a match, it is destined to be hurt by it.. what lights up is smoke.. but what hurts is the heart!

Women.. there isn't any so-called decent woman.. she is decent only because she hasn't been tempted enough.

Men.. there isn't any so-called faithful man.. he is faithful only because he doesn't have enough bargaining chips for betrayal.

Her first line sounds strangely familiar!

Just check out this paragraph from a systems engineering website:

What is Systems Engineering?

The word optimal should not appear in the statement of the problem, because there is no single optimal solution to complex systems problems. Most system designs have several performance and cost criteria.

Systems Engineering creates a set of alternative designs that satisfy these performance and cost criteria to varying degrees. Moving from one alternative to another will usually improve at least one criterion and worsen at least one criterion, i.e. there will be trade-offs.

None of the feasible alternatives is likely to optimize all the criteria. Therefore, Systems Engineers must settle for less than optimality.

No complex system is likely to be optimal to all the people, all the time.

So Coco is a stripper/blogebrity/systems engineer?

Oh the humanity!


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The Flying Trilobite said...


From the incident itself, to your relation to systems engineering, that was brilliant.

And besides, it can be one way to put yourself through college.

Lim Leng Hiong said...


If Coco was a bit more serious about blogging she could already be earning thousands a day off advertisements.

Capital to help fuel her comeback!

Incidentally, Guru of Entertaining Research has just posted some "American Shaolin" proverbs that are amazingly appropriate for this debacle:

1. A poor chess player can still make a remarkable move.

2. Wine and lust are the agents of disaster.


Fuji Fan said...

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Lim Leng Hiong said...

Hi Fuji Fan,


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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