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“It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn't feel like a giant. I felt very, very small.” – Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Upcoming Science Buskers 2009

Friends, countrymen, 各位乡亲父老,lend me your ears!

The next Science Buskers Festival will be opening for registration soon, from 13 April to 5 June 2009.

Contestants stand to win attractive prizes, such as cash prizes, and a 1-year renewable Science Centre Contract for the top three teams.

Are you interested in joining the competition?

To give you an idea of the presentation quality that you should be able to produce, here's the finals performance of the previous champion, the Three Buskateers:

If you think you've got what it takes to be the next great Science Busker Extraordinaire (especially if you're a maestro with the LOX donut), why not sign up?

Today - the Singapore Science Centre.

Tomorrow - Las Vegas!*

Would you like to know more?
- Science Buskers Festival 2009 official website
Science Buskers Festival (2008)

*Not actually part of the competition; I'm just saying that many bigshot entertainers today have an uncanny tendency to start from humble beginnings. What? You expect top government scholars to become big in Vegas? In your dreams pal!


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