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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The 30-Cent Chocolate Rule

You probably don't know this, but I am the sole caretaker of our research group's chocolate jar program. Chocolates are the lifeblood of graduate students (and techs and postdocs and scientists) so it's my job not to let them see the cold, empty bottom of that jar.

Since I have been replenishing the chocolates weekly for several months now, I have become a bit of a chocolate-shopping expert.

Recently I've suddenly noticed that the price of chocolates per piece is rather similar. I call it the 30-cent rule since they seem to average around 30 cents per piece. Here's my (limited) data so far:

Price per piece

Van Houten Neopolitans - 8 cents

Delfi Top - 24 cents
Cadbury TimeOuts - 25 cents
Mini Toblerones - 26 cents
Kinder Chocolate - 26 cents

Ferrero Rocher - 31 cents
Cadbury Dairy Milk - 35 cents
Mini Snickers - 41 cents
Mini Mars - 41 cents

I find it surprising that Ferrero Rochers, despite their gold foil wrapping and generally high-class packaging, are actually so aggressively priced.

Anyway I will be updating this post when I buy other brands of chocolates to see if any of them flout the 30-cent rule.

This just reinforces my deepest belief that happiness is not free, but it's amazing how inexpensive it is :D

EDIT: More chocolate prices have been updated. See above!


AH said...

This is very interesting information...

Now I know just how stingy to be when I next help myself to some lovely chocolates Muhahahahaha

Xisla said...