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Sunday, May 27, 2007

How NOT to do CPR

Just watched Casino Royale (2006) on DVD with my family, and despite the rave reviews that Daniel Craig received, I must say that he just doesn't jive with my mental picture of how James Bond is supposed to be.

Let me explain what I mean:

I thought that James Bond is supposed to be a suave, charming and sophisticated ladykiller.

Pierce Brosnan certainly oozes charm, has a disarming smile and a relaxed composure that makes it easy for women to warm up to him.

Daniel Craig on the other hand looks so craggy (sorry), creepy and intense that I find it more likely that women would run away screaming when he approaches.

Try as I might, I can't feel any charm emanating from him. When the Bond girls throw seductive glances at Daniel Craig, I feel that they are just acting.

In fact none of my family members really believe that he is James Bond. My father thinks that Daniel Craig looks more like a Russian spy. My mom thinks that he doesn't look like the "real" (read Pierce Brosnan) James Bond.

As for the movie, James Bond's trademark cheesy humour and double entendre one-liners have been replaced by a lot of frenzied chasing, leaping from immense heights and brutal bloody brawling. There is so much running around in the first half that my sister commented that it felt like a Jackie Chan movie.

I understand that the filmmakers are trying very hard to revitalize this old franchise, but in the process they have removed many fun elements that the brand name represents.

If you really want a serious, gritty spy thriller - watch Jason Bourne.

Hey I just noticed that their initials are both J.B.! How cool is that!?!

Ok that doesn't mean anything.

Anyway the pace of the movie was quite uneven, frantic in the first half and slow in the second. The tone was super-serious and intense throughout...

... until one scene which made my entire family burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

Heh heh. What an anti-climax!


I don't want to spoil your fun so scroll down only if you have seen the movie.

James Bond tries to perform CPR on Vesper Lind to save her life. Unfortunately, he is so clumsy with the procedure that he fumbles around and accidentally grabs her boobs instead.

Compare the above screenshot with this diagram of how CPR is supposed to be done:

Maybe it wasn't accidental.

Would you like to know more?

About Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation:
- Introduction to CPR

About Movie Nitpicks:
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Zsolt said...

I guess, we all have a different opinion of same movies.
I always liked Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, and he may have slightly more charm to him than Daniel Craig, but I feel that for once, many of the stunts produced in Casino Royale are more "realistic" due to the fact that this guy has the physical attributes to beat up 2 rough guys bare handed.

Craig may be somewhat rough around the edges, but I feel it was part of his character. He is far better than Timothy Dalton for exapmple. And keep in mind, this is his first James Bond film. I feel he did an excellent job.

Then again, that is my opinion, Zsolt.

Dana said...

Pierce Brosnan looks very good & he can conquer a lady,but i dont think that he can kill somebody.Daniel Craig is closer to James Bond.He is stronger & in the film he kill the bad guys realistical.he is a man who is made for missions and he is cold with ladies.about the look,Daniel is not like Pierce,but he has beautiful blue eyes and cool body.that's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

My Bond choice is Daniel Craig.
There is something I can't deny; Pierce is more charming and warm to women, as you said. I think That's right... But Daniel is more realistic killer than any of actors who played J. B. before him, his strong, handsome, looks dangerous,..but thanks to his masculine behaviour, women love him..
Of course, Brosnan looks more like Ian Fleming's Bond but I think Daniel is more handsome and better Bond.. :P
Only my opinion and sorry for my english :s
Genia B.