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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Section 377A Dickfight!

You know, I used to think that Singapore is filled with completely boring, poker-faced people.

Now... it's still filled with completely boring, poker-faced people.

But our comedic talents are highly underrated.

Not to be outdone by (see earlier post), proponents of criminalizing homosexual conduct have set up the website to let the "majority" have their say.

Although I doubt that the administrators of either website will admit it - this has turned into a classic dickfight!

So... who has the longer penis now?

As of 11.00am this morning, repeal377A has 6957 signatures and keep377A has 6444 signatures, so repeal377A is currently in the lead.

However, we must bear in mind that keep377A is only one-day-old, so it's a strong showing for the new upstart!

Concerned with the phenomenal growth rate of keep377A, the administrators of repeal377A has decided to extend their deadline from 19 to 21 October.

The webmaster has also sent an email to people who signed their online petition to encourage more family members and friends to sign the letter.

Wha...? Has this turned into a numbers game?

Eventually the whole purpose of this exercise will be forgotten and people will be so busy comparing penis lengths that they'll won't even remember what Section 377A means.

Or maybe they never knew what it means to begin with.

Just look at the comments section of both websites!

To be fair, many people seem to know what's going on, but it won't take you long to uncover gems like these (my comments in parentheses):

from Repeal377A...

"Dear PM Lee,Please also repeal the laws against bestiality, necrophilia and sex with minors! Afterall, those people are also like us and cannot help the fact that they are born this way! Let's all be GAY together and turn Singapore GAY! Yay!" (Wrong website, buddy.)

"Please maintain this law. " (Wrong website, buddy.)


"What's next? Allow pedophile to roam freely just because they cannot control their urge or they are "born" with it?" (Wrong website, buddy. Look people, this is now a dickfight, so don't help your opponents by bolstering their numbers OK?)

"Our integrity sells for so little but it's all we really have. It is the very last inch of us but within that inch we are free."(Leave my integrity and my last inch out of this.)

"There has to be a certain limit to things." (Some things are limitless.)

"This act if passed will be a case of human rights violation in sunny singapore" (Section 377A has been around since 1938. So you didn't pass.)

"Everyone is born differently in different environments. Including albino. Right?" (Wrong.)

"Whether a person is a robber, a thief, a homosexual or a lesbian, he or she can carry on with their activities. Just don't get caught, for, you'll be charged under Section XXX of the Penal Code. Think about it!" (No thanks.)

from Keep377A...

"I do not subscribe to discreminate ing condemnation and judgement of private activities. They are private in nature and are so are private matters. And also being aimed at one particular group and act, while ignoring like Lesbians, etc. And so this Penal Code should not have been around in the first place. Please see my comments under the same in under repeal377A to find out more." (Wrong website, buddy.)

"Having 2 lovely children have given me a stronger resolve to anchor my beliefs and what I want my Singapore to be when they grow up. Imagine where we would be if our parents were single sex and had a dog instead. I will love the person but will NOT support the lifestyle." (Something sounds seriously wrong here...)

"What succession will there be in a nation if there is no natural pro-creation in a family unit?" (Good question. See the above comment to see how it'll work.)

"Yes, I don't support gay lifestyle. Anyway sex is a private affair and if they want to do it, will anyone know if they both agree to keep to it and are agreeable? Why should they repeal the gay sex laws and make gay lifestyle mainstream? As a straight guy, I feel threatened and vulnerable. Who knows one day if some horny gay man will sneak up on me and try to rape me? And I can imagine the law letting the rapist go because he did not break the law ... " (He would have broken the law. So go read a book.)

"Absolutely a no-go. First and foremost and divinely authoritative, God utterly condemns homosexuality. He created man and woman, Adam and Eve, and commanded them to multiply. He did not make Adam and STEVE and surely he did not issue any such commandment to Adam and Steve because there was no Adam and Steve." (Leave Steve out of this.)

"God abhor homosexuality and may destroy the city that condones or practise homosexuality. Thus, please retain Section 377A, Penal Code to protect the people in Singapore. Thank you." (Ho ho, is that right? Are you expecting a divine catastrophe that will destroy USA, South Africa, UK, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and China? Tell you something, my friend, a catastrophe is already happening. It's called global warming. And we are not exempt.)

"The Universe move forth in just ONE direction. Anything that tries to go against it is just going for destruction." (Which direction is that?)

"If man is supposed to have sex with man, then why have woman?" (Another superb question. If woman is supposed to have sex with woman, then why have man, you sexist pig.)

"It was Adam and Eve God created. Not Adam and Steve. :)" (What's with the obsession with STEVE!?!!)

This is turning into an embarrassing black comedy.

Wait... that gives me a great idea!

If you are fed up of all this dick-waving, go to Piahzui377A and leave a *wink* there.

Don't be a silent silent majority!

Would you like to know more?

Critiques of NMP Thio Li-Ann's speech regarding Section 377A in parliament:
NMP Thio Li-Ann and her intellectually inferior arguments - In the land of the blind, one eye man is king. (Easy to read)
Hiding behind rhetoric - Used brains for sale (With additional legal insight)
- Thio Li-Ann's speech in Parliament - La Nausée (Intellectual rebuttal with some difficult words)


Teh Si said...

I cannot stop laughing when I read your post.... very funny.... better let not the foreign talent see those websites... sure runaway...


Lim Leng Hiong said...

Oops... too late!


BTW, it looks like keep377A has a longer dick now - 10023 signatures vs repeal377A's 7624. But since people can do multiple postings it's not like these numbers really mean anything.

The Flying Trilobite said...

It's weird, living in Canada and dealing with the rest of the world, not to mention some of our own citizens, who are still afraid of gay marriage. We've legally allowed it for a few years now and our society has not rotted from within. Actually, it just means there's a whole new market for wedding planners and invitation makers.

It's just such a non-issue. Or at least it should be.

Lim Leng Hiong said...

I hope it'll be a non-issue soon. Even religious countries like Philippines and Indonesia no longer have such a law.