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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Update: Results Of The AWARE EGM

Latest news - the result of the no confidence vote in the new AWARE Exco has just been announced:

1414 vote yes (in favour of the old guard).

761 vote no (in favour of the new Exco).

The vote of no confidence has been passed.

At this point in time (8.25pm), the new Exco is still considering whether to resign or not.

*Update 03 May 2009:

Ms. Josie Lau's team has resigned.

The newest AWARE Exco is now led by president Dana Lam.

Would you like to know more?

Online media sources:
More than a thousand turn up for Aware EOGM (The Online Citizen)
LIVE from Suntec: AWARE EGM, 2 May 2009 (The Wayang Party)

Mainstream media sources:
New Exco of AWARE given vote of no confidence (Channelnewsasia)


A said...

I feel like my favourite soccer team has won.

Lim Leng Hiong said...

Hi A, thanks for dropping by.

I feel a sense of relief, but I think it's only a temporary relief.

A said...

Why do you say that it's only temporary?

Lim Leng Hiong said...

Vigilance is the price of diversity.

There will be another fight in another place and time.

It will never end.

A said...

I hear you.

By choosing to be truly inclusive, sometimes, you have to pay the price for it, especially when there are those out there that are all out to abuse their rights.

AWARE seemed to me to really have been doing good for the society, and there was so much rapport and synergy among themselves.

I hope that does not all go down the drain because of the new corrupting influence. This new political stress is a new cross that the old guard will have to bear for at least quite some time, if not permanently.

And only God knows what other organisations will be targeted next. However, the internet has made it easier to amalgamate support against such influences.

A said...

Looking on the bright side though, AWARE now has more supporters, and I'm sure that much more people now are aware of AWARE, even if they're not direct members.

angry doc said...

I suspect many of the so-called supporters are not supporters of AWARE or women's rights per se, but came together to fight what they perceived as an enemy - they may have been atheists, secularists, gay right activists, or Christians who held a different view from the exco.

In a way AWARE was merely a battleground for them to fight a proxy war.